Role of diet in your life in 2022

Role of diet in life

Role of diet

Your daily diet defines your health status. Those who take the best diet on daily basics enjoy good health. Your daily diet includes nutritious status, quality, quantity, sources from the taken, and many other factors that will be discussed in this article.

Balance diet for all people in every age of life
Balance diet for all people.

What is Diet?

The term”Diet” is also used as an alternative to nutrition and food but both terms are not the same scientifically as people consider them. Nutrition is a broad term and diet can be considered as its part. So we can say that Diet means anything that we eat or we drink and all physical and mental conditions related to eating food and drinking something.

In nutrition, there are all parameters, processes, and scenarios in which we analyze or consider ingredients of food ( nutrients), their impact on the body of an organism, needs, and their role in a healthy lifestyle “On Diet” ds,t mean to consume less food or restrict any food, But it is considered usually.

Balanced diet:

A balanced diet is such a diet that contains all essential nutrients or ingredients of food, hence it involves a variety of foods to meet the need of all nutrients which are required not only for body functions but also for growth, repair developmental maintenance of the body processes. A balanced diet is necessary because the absence or over intake of any nutrient disturbs the normal metabolism of the body.

Each food ingredient has its own vital role in the body and care must be taken while we take nutrition regarding need and quantity of nutrients or food ingredients because both deficiency and over intake of any nutrient may have an adverse effect on our body.

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Diet and diseases relationship :

We can say that there is a strong association between diseases and the diet that we take. There are many diseases that are caused due to deficiency or over intake of a certain type of food or any nutrient. So we can overcome many serious diseases if we are conscious about our diet. It is easy to prevent problems as compared to finding a solution to a health problem when we suffer from health issues. If we prevent it is easier than when we cure a disease which in the latter will cause solid concern regarding not only our resources but also time and other complications caused by that disease.

Sources of Diet

Sources of Diet
Sources of Diet

Some organisms have the capability to prepare their own diet such as plants, while others can not prepare their food. They depend upon other organisms to meet their dietary requirements. Animals, humans some bacterias, and fungi depend upon other organisms for their that. We as humans basically obtain our food from plants, animals, Certain types of fungi, and bacterias. Fruits, vegetable plants roots, and seeds of certain plants are considered as plant sources of diet, while meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products such as cheese and butter are animals sources of diet.

Role of diet in Infaint:

From birth to one year of age is called an infant. For babies from birth to the age of 6 months, breastfeeding continues which is important, but you should make your baby familiar with solid food. After breastfeeding, You may give your baby solid food, but after the sixth month of birth. Infant period of the age is growing period of age and during this period, if we give some extra diet, it would help them to protect against some diseases. It also boosts their immunity. Vitamins and minerals are also essential for baby growth and development. Calcium is required for bone and teeth development.

During growing age weight must be monitored, because if there is loss of weight at this age then the baby may suffer from serious health problems. If there is not exposed to sunlight, then there may be a deficiency of vitamin D. if in water Flouride contact is very low then you should give, proper dosage of Flouride. Although the water requirements of the baby are met with breast milk and juices, care must be taken in a hot climate. Diarrhea is a common cause of death in infants in developing countries, so water and minerals balance maintenance are essential.

Role of diet in Toddlers:

When your baby enters in toddler phase of life then diet requirements also changed. Toddler’s brain is developing rapidly hence they need more fat which has an important role in brain development. A balanced diet is essential during this period of life. Give toddlers colored fruits and vegetables. Changing toddler behavior is not easy to give them such a diet that is in their family. Give the quantity of food that they willingly take, but not force them to eat much. Include a variety of foods in their diet.

Breastfeeding must not stop till the age of two years. Give them full-fat milk for two years of age but later period give them skim milk. Try to give them recipes made at home. Give half (1/2) slice of bread and 1/3 cup of cereals or pasta. Note that if your child has a food allergy then do not give him that particular food.

Role of diet in Younger:

Dietary requirements at a young age are different than in childhood age. At this period of age young once can select their own food which they like. You may take more fruits and vegetables at a younger age. The nutrients are the same regardless of age but requirements are changed at a younger age. Infinite is a period of growth, therefore they need more nutrients, as compared to adults. Adult age gender difference is also, hence dietary requirements vary but to less extent. younger and adult age females need more iron and calcium.

Breastfeeding mothers also need more nutrients, because, besides them, their baby also needs nutrients for their growth and development .any maternal nutrient deficiency may cause adverse effects on the baby’s normal growth and development. Newborns may have less than normal-weight which ultimately can cause the death of a newborn or other health-related complications.

Role of diet in Human Dietary behavours:

Human dietary behaviors change with the passage of time. With growth. There are many factors that influence the food choice process. With the passage of time as human moves towards younger age, they become able to select their own foods according to their own will. Peer influence is also common in adult age.

Dietary behavior is a complex process there are the following factors that influence the process of food choices. Each and every human being has his own food choice and preferences and it is not easy to change eating habits. It can be done but takes time and continuous counseling of person by effective communication. There are also social and cultural norms, complex environments, and peer influences on the process of food choices and dietary behaviors.

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