Why Nutrients are important for good health

Why nutrients are important for good health

To enjoy good health nutrients are very essential. Each nutrient has its own unique role in our body. Deficiency or excess of any nutrient may cause serious complications in our body.


Nutrients are components or ingredients of nutrition required for body growth, development, repair, maintenance regulates body functions, and providing energy to our body. Each nutrient has its own function in our body. Some nutrients are macro, while others are miro nutrients according to the need of our body.

Why Nutrients are important you need for good health.
Why Nutrients are important you need for good health?


Carbohydrates are macronutrients.”

word” carbohydrate” means hydrated carbon. these are a major source of energy. One gram of carbs provides 4 kcal of energy. The general formula of carbohydrates is Cn( H2O )n.In this formula, n is a number of carbon atoms that ranges from 3 to many thousands. Carbohydrates have classification on basis of a number of corban atoms. the major role of carbohydrates is to provide energy. We obtain 60-70 percent of energy from carbohydrates. these are a cheap source of energy for our body. Besides providing energy these also have a structural role for our body. these are parts of the cell membrane. Simple carbs provide instant energy. Glucose is one of the simple and instant sources of energy among carbohydrates. Sources of carbohydrates are cereals such as wheat grains, fruits, vegetables, honey, milk, and many other food products.


Proteins are macronutrients. These have a vital role in our body, this is the reason, why nutrients are important? Proteins also have a structural and functional role. Proteins are part of hairs, nails, and muscles. One gram of protein provides 3.5 KCl energy. In proteins classification, there are simple proteins and complex proteins. Proteins are made up of amino acids. amino acids are building blocks of proteins. Proteins help in body immunity, in muscles construction, acts as hormones, help to regulate metabolism, transport system. among protein sources there are meat, eggs, pulses legumes, milk, and vegetables.

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Fats are macronutrients and belong to heterogeneous groups. they have glycerol and fatty acids as their building blocks. There is an ester linkage between the carboxylic group and an alcoholic group of fats Fats are such nutrients that provide the greatest amount of energy among all nutrients. this shows why nutrients are important. One gram of fat provides 9KCl of energy. Sometimes fats are also called fatty acids, or lipids. Fats are either in liquid or solid form at room temperature. In liquid form, these are oils having unsaturated fatty acids. Fats provide many important functions in our body. These involve brain development. Fats provide energy to the body. Fats aids to regulate body temperature.Forms body structure, cell membrane. They make our food palatable. Use in nerve transmission, Fats forms an isolated layer on the skin, preventing heat loss.


Vitamins are micronutrients. Though they do not provide energy to our bodies, they are vital for us. Vitamins are required in small amounts for our body but these are very important. Vitamin helps to regulate metabolism in our body. Vitamins provide zero-calorie energy. Some vitamins are fat-soluble and some are water-soluble. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in our body, while water-soluble vitamins are not stored. If we take water-soluble vitamins in excess amounts, they will not pose any risk to our health, because these are lost with water. But in the case of fat-soluble vitamins, we have to become conscious while taking excess amounts, because of their storing capability.

Water-Soluble Vitamins:

Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex are water-soluble vitamins. In the vitamin B complex, there are vitamins such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Folic acid, and cobalamin.WaterSoluble vitamins are polar in nature, hence these are soluble in water. If we take an excessive amount of vitamin C it will not cause any health problems, because this water-soluble vitamin loses with water. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in our body. Sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits like Orange juices, lemon, Strawberries, Mango, Papaya, and pineapple. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It is an important water-soluble vitamin. It prevents us from many disorders.

Fat-Soluble vitamins:

Fat-Soluble vitamins are soluble in fats. Among fat-soluble vitamins, there are Vitamin A, K and, D . These are Hydrophobic in nature, therefore these are soluble in fats not in polar substances like water. Fat-Soluble vitamins are stored in the Liver and adipose tissues in the body. If we take an excessive amount of Fat-Soluble vitamins, these cause serious complications in our body. Also if we take fat-soluble vitamins in less amount than the required amount,these cause health problems.


Minerals are micronutrients, need in small amounts, but these are essential for our body. Minerals that act as important nutrients for our body are given as follows.
















Each mineral has its own specific role in our body. Minerals are recycled in the body. Besides these minerals. All minerals are not nutrients for us but some minerals are toxic for us like heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium. We need minerals in small concentrations in our food but these are vital for us. Some minerals also act as inhibitors of food such as Phytates, and Oxalates inhibit Iron absorption.

Difficiency of Nutrients:

If we do not take nutrients in a specific amount that is required for our body, then there are serious health problems. Here are some examples of such disorders

Deficiency of Vitamin A causes night blindness

The deficiency of vitamin D causes Rickets in children and Osteoporosis in adults

Vitamin B3 deficiency causes Pellagra

Iron deficiency causes anemia

Iodine deficiency causes Goiter.

There are also many other nutrient deficiency disorders.

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